Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Unisex Fashion Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Double Lens Cross Section Safety Helmet For Scooters Bikes


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  • Weight: 1450g
  • Helmet Style: Full Face
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Helmets
  • name: Vintage Motorcycle Helmets
  • size: 25 x 26 x 33cm
  • material: engineering material shell EPS cushioning foam breathable and comf
  • dropshipping: support
  • Feature 1: Full Face
  • Feature 2: Helmet Style
  • Feature 3: Anti Fog Process Helmet
  • Feature 4: Winter Warm Double Visor
  • Feature 5: Sports Biking Helmet
  • Feature 6: Cross helmet
  • Feature 7: vintage motorcycle helmet
  • Feature 8: helmet motorcycle full face
  • Feature 9: motocross double glass
  • Feature 10: Helmet for scooter
Bullet Points:
1. Enhanced Vision: Keep your vision clear at all times with our anti-fog process of Vintage Helmets. Mist is not easy to adhere to, allowing you to ride in any weather condition with confidence.
2. Sturdy Material: Retro Motorcycle Helmets are made of engineering material shell + EPS cushioning foam + breathable and comfortable lining, which can resist falling and smashing, and protect your head from rain and wind.
3. Removable Lens: The lens of this Motorcycle Helmets can be removed by simply inserting a screwdriver into the groove and rotating it counterclockwise. You can also adjust the position of the lens by using the mounting holes
4. Double Mirror Design: Full Face Helmets features an endoscope visor and an exterior mirror HD, which can be used according to the actual situation. You can enjoy a clear and safe view while riding your motorcycle.
5. Widely Applications: Whether you are road biking, commuting, skating, or doing any other outdoor activity, Motorcycle Helmets Women will protect your head and add a touch of retro style to your look.


Ride safely with our Motorcycle Helmets. The helmets comes with two lenses and rotates counterclockwise for easy visibility. Stay comfortable during your commute and keep your vision clear at all times. No more foggy rides!


1. Product Name: Vintage Helmets
2. Product material: engineering material shell + EPS cushioning foam + breathable and comfortable inner lining
3. Product color: black, blue, orange, pink (color optional)
4. Applicable type: suitable for motorcycle riding, warm, multiple protection

Helmets maintenance method:
Helmets surface maintenance:
01, the helmets surface will often stick to dust, when there is a stain, first wipe the stain with a wet rag.
02, and then use the water wax or highlight to make the helmets clean and bright, you can also use the helmets special light agent, the effect is better

Helmets lens maintenance
01, the helmets lens is a transparent item, cleaning should be extra careful, so as not to scratch, with neutral detergent added to the water, with a soft cotton cloth to wipe the inside and outside, and then rinse with water, natural air dry.
Note :(The principle of anti-fogging lenses is that the anti-fogging coating is sprayed on the lens, but not long-term anti-fogging. Once the anti-fogging coating is washed or wiped off at high pressure, the anti-fogging effect will be weakened or even lost. It is recommended to rinse the stained area with a tap at low pressure, and air dry naturally.

Product List:

1*Vintage Helmets

1. Please allow 0.5cm/0.20in error due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item, hope you can understand.


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