Aigo A100 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2.4G Wireless USB Type-c Wired Blue Switch 100 Key Hot Swap Rechargeable Gamer Keyboard




Aigo A100 mechanical keyboard parameters:
1. System: Windows/Android/Apple/iOS.
2. Battery: 1200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Charging for 2 hours, work for 90 days! (Laboratory test results, may vary due to actual use).
3. Key switch: blue switch / Yellow switch.
The blue switch/ Yellow switch is the most characteristic switch of the mechanical keyboard. Whether it is the sound or the feel, it can let you find a special pleasure. The double-layer 4-time paragraph feeling, the feedback of the key is self-evident, no matter the code word Whether it is a game or a game, it can emit that crisp sound and rhythm, which is endless aftertaste. 50 million keystroke life makes you worry-free!
4.USB connector: USB Type-C cable.
5. Data cable length: 1500MM
6. Connection method: wired and wireless 2.4G. According to your usage habits, switch the connection mode at will.
7. Layout: 100 keys, compact layout design, greatly saving the use of space.
8. PBT keycaps. Two-color injection molding process, long-term wear resistance, fine texture.
9. Support full-key hot-swappable design. The three-legged hot-swappable shaft seat allows you to freely replace the shaft body and experience a variety of different handles.
10. Support full-key no punch design. Respond to various combinations of keys and respond in a timely manner, without the trouble of key conflicts.
11. Bottom status indicator design. The power prompt/connection method is clear at a glance.
12. Height adjustable: Yes
A100 dual-mode mechanical keyboard FAQ:
1. What is the height of the keycap in millimeters?
Keycap type: CSA, the sound is similar to that of SA keycaps, crisper and more focused, and the middle of the keycap
The heart is sunken and feels comfortable. Compatible with most of the original OEM.SA keycaps on the market.

Height: see the picture for details, unit mm
2. What is the difference between the blue switch and the yellow switch?
⑴Blue switch, belonging to the paragraph switch, the sound is clear and crisp, the sense of paragraph is strong, the user who likes the percussion feeling, the pressure: 50±10g
⑵The yellow switch is a linear switch with no step feeling, touches the bottom vertically, feels light, comes with factory lubrication, pressure: 45±10g
3. What do paragraph switch and linear switch mean?
⑴Segment switch: There will be a clear click when pressed, and the hand feel will show a clear sense of segment.
⑵Linear switch: As the name suggests, it is a line, straight up and down. Compared with the paragraph axis, there is no obvious paragraph feel, and the sound does not have a crisp click sound.
4. Is the switch self-lubricating after production?
Answer: The switch of A100 is self-lubricating.
5. What is the manufacturer of the switch?
Answer: The switch of A100 is Jiuzi factory TTC.
6. How to connect the receiver to the code?
Answer: Keyboard pairing method: press (ESC key) + (= key)
Note: ⑴It needs to be paired at a close distance, preferably within half a meter
⑵Press and hold for 5 seconds before plugging in the receiver

Additional information

Keycup printing


Keycup material

PBT plastic

Switches Hot swap


Backlight Type

No backlight

Full Size keyboard




Wrist Support



Standard, Ergonomics, waterproof, Gaming, Mini, For Laptop, for Tablet, Multifunctional Keyboard, Projection Keyboard

Interface Type


Operation Style




Keyboard Standard

100 Keys


Desktop, Laptop, Number, Tablet


2.4Ghz Wireless

Brand Name


Aigo Model



Mainland China




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