For many of us, camping with electricity can be a luxury. But don’t let that stop you from going off-the-grid and enjoying a more rustic outdoor experience! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned camper looking to try something new, these 5 basic tips will provide you with the essentials for camping without electricity.

1. Take Charge of the Dark by Going Retro

Light years ahead of the competition

Bright artificial lighting may be the preferred go-to for many households, but returning to a more quaint approach may be just the thing we need. Retro lighting invokes a certain level of comfort and nostalgia, making it the perfect fit for a calm evening of relaxation. No harsh electric buzz or overbearing luminescence, you can set the perfect mood by going retro.

Show off your style and be proud of your personal choices in interior lighting. Create your ideal atmosphere and be the trendsetter of your neighborhood. Consider replacing harsh ceiling lights with soft lanterns, and choose oil lamps for a cozy nighttime mood. You can even take it one step further with traditional candles to add a romantic touch or a rustic aesthetic. Whatever your style, you can’t go wrong when you .

2. Pitch A Campsite That Suits the Season

Camping in the summertime is an experience no one should miss. From spending days outside in the sunshine to nights spent stargazing, there’s something special about getting back to nature. When selecting the perfect campsite for this season, here are some things to consider:

  • Location: Will your campsite be close to the beach? In the middle of a meadow? Make sure to factor in the environment and beauty you want to experience.
  • Amenities: Are cooking facilities, bathrooms, and showers available? The availability should match your level of comfort.
  • Fee: Look into the type of fees to expect. Some campsites have per-person rates, while others are more affordable when using a larger tent space.

By taking the time to find the perfect summer campsite you can ensure to have the time of your life. Take special note of any safety precautions your campsite may take for the season; like any extreme weather they could have, or that they have plenty of additional water sources available. Selecting a campsite that suits your season can make your summer camping trip feel like a true adventure!

3. Ready, Set, Go – Motor-Free Camping

For those looking to be one with nature and experience the great outdoors, motor-free camping is the perfect way to go. With no noise from engines and the serenity of nature, campers can unwind from the everyday and truly immerse in the wilderness. Here’s what’s needed:

  • An open-minded crew
  • A destination
  • Essential equipment

Once these items are gathered, the adventure begins!

The journey itself should be treated as part of the camp experience. Exploring the routes along the way is a great way to become more familiar with the area and elements in the environment. Depending on the terrain, travelers should plan accordingly and bring the right transportation. Bikes, canoes, kayaks, and walking are all popular methods to reach the campsite. Be sure to also prepare for any potential obstacles that may arise. Maps and studying the route are both helpful in navigation. At every point, take in the stunning scenery and the beauty of nature.

4. Tips To Have Fun and Stay Safe Without Electricity

  • Candles and Lanterns
  • Candles and lanterns are a great way to light up the night and provide some cozy ambience. Have some on hand in case of a power outage and you’ll be able to see to cook, read, and pass the time.

  • Board Games
  • Board games are a great way to have some family fun. Dust off those old favorites or go out and purchase some new ones to bring home and enjoy an epic game night.

  • Glow Sticks
  • Kids will love using glow sticks in the dark. Let them express themselves with light and have some fun playing with glow sticks.

  • Camping
  • If you’ve got the time and space, camping is a great way to enjoy some outdoor time without electricity. Get a tent, and some supplies and you can enjoy a camping adventure with your family or friends.

  • Batteries and Generators
  • Keep a backup supply of batteries and a generator on hand in case of an emergency. And if you use a generator, make sure you’re using it in a safe place to avoid any outdoor hazards.

Take your outdoor activities inside. Have a picnic on the kitchen floor; have an indoor family camp out on living room floor. You could just turn a corner of the house into a make-believe campground and pretend to make s’mores over the fireplace.

Get creative with your meals. When your appliances aren’t working, take the opportunity to try cooking over a campfire or using a Dutch oven. With the right ingredients and preparation, you’ll be able to serve up a delicious meal that will wow your family.

For the novice camper who wants some clarity on the essentials of camping without electricity, these five tips give the perfect introduction. With a good plan and some basic preparation, anyone can enjoy a truly energizing and rewarding camping experience off the grid.

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