The scorching heat of the summer months can make outdoor activities, such as camping, a lot less enjoyable than usual. But don’t let the sweltering heat let you miss out on a fun camping trip with friends and family! We’ve got 5 unbelievable ways to beat the heat and still have a blast while camping in the summertime.

1. Beat the Heat – Summer Camping Tips to Stay Cool

Make the Right Tent Choice: Camping in the heat can be miserable if you don’t plan ahead and pick a tent that allows air to ventilation. Look for lightweight tents with lots of openings and open mesh windows to keep you cool. Darker colors may absorb more of the heat so try to find lighter colors for your tent fabric.

Plan the Day: Get up early and take advantage of the cooler morning hours, you can also switch your typical plans to adapt to the heat. Try fishing, swimming, or just stay in the shade, and trekking in the evening during the cooler temperatures. Make sure you take a lot of breaks, in the shade, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during the hotter parts of the day.

  • Choose a lightweight tent with lots of openings and mesh windows
  • Pick lighter colors for your tent fabric
  • Get up early and take advantage of the cooler morning hours
  • Swap typical plans to activities that suit the heat
  • Take regular breaks in the shade and drink lots of water

2. Don’t Sweat It – Unconventional Ways to Stay Cool

As the summer heats up, so can our blood pressure when we find ourselves without a breeze or air conditioner at hand. But, don’t sweat it! There are a few unconventional ways to stay cool this season that cost very little money and are easy to implement.

  • Go for a dip – if you have access to a swimming pool, lake or even a kiddie pool to fill up and dive into, take advantage! The water will provide for a cooling sensation that is sure to keep you comfortable on an otherwise hot day.
  • Choose the right fabric – cotton is a much better choice to wear than polyester and other synthetic fabrics when the temperature rises. Natural fibers like cotton and linen will help the heat escape from your body and keep you from feeling overheated.

But, if all else fails and you’re still in need of an extra boost of cooling, you can make use of ice towels. Fill a few towels with ice cubes and strategically wrap them around parts of your body that tend to be extra warm, like your neck, arms, or head. This will provide a refreshing moment of coolness that’ll help you beat the heat!

3. Keep Your Cool – Unbelievable Strategies for Summer Campers

Summer camp can be great fun, but when the heat levels rise, body temperatures and temperaments can do the same. Keeping your cool in the hot sun is essential for a successful camping trip. Here are a few tips on how to cool off at summer camp:

  • Stay Hydrated – Keeping a water bottle handy is essential in the heat. Make sure to keep rehydrating while out in the sun. All that perspiration needs replacing!
  • Cool Off – Take regular breaks underneath shady trees or find some running water nearby. Cooling down in the water is an excellent way to chill out and relax, while swimming is also a great way to cool off!
  • Get Creative – An ice-cold beverage, a bandana soaked in water, even a good old fan… It never hurts to get creative with cooling down methods.

By following these strategies, campers will be able to make the most of their summer days, no matter how hot. With these tips, they’ll be cooling down quickly and easily, ready to carry on their summer fun in comfort!

4. Beat the Heatwave – Strategies to Stay Comfy and Cool

During the dog days of summer, it’s important to stay cool if you want to beat the heatwave. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep your cool:

  • Drink lots of water—Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is a great way to remain hydrated and feel refreshed.
  • Shut the blinds—Closing the curtains and windows will help keep the house cool.
  • Rescue your fan—Using a fan to circulate air inside a room can be lifesaving on a hotter-than-usual day.
  • Keep your food cold—Substitute hot meals for cold salads and sandwiches. Taking a break from the oven can make a big difference to your comfort levels.

On the days when the thermometer rises, it’s just as important to take cool showers and apply sunscreen to stay protected. There are plenty of fun and creative ways to beat the heatwave. So keep cool and have a refreshing summer!

With these five tips to keep cool, campers can enjoy all the summer fun their outdoor travels have to offer! So don’t let the heat distract you – find your next summer adventure and stay cool while camping this season!

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